From: John Stone (
Date: Thu Dec 10 2015 - 08:54:22 CST

  The VMD GUI (except for Tk windows) are written using FLTK, so
for most of the key windows, the low-level X calls are made by FLTK
and not by VMD itself. On Linux, the VMD graphics window is managed
by VMD itself, so that is the only window where we could add calls to
set the window properties. A useful experiment would be for you to
grab the latest version of FLTK and see if it behaves better with
Ubuntu out-of-the-box (try the sample programs it comes with and
see how they behave). If it has the same issue, then this should be
reported to the FLTK maintainers. Similarly, I would recommend checking
the behavior of the Tcl/Tk toolkit's Tk windows, and see if their code
needs modification as well.

  John Stone

On Thu, Dec 10, 2015 at 01:07:44PM +0100, Peter Husen wrote:
> VMD does not work very well with the Ubuntu launcher. Windows get a
> question mark icon and are not grouped together in the launcher.
> Furthermore, "Lock to Launcher" doesn't work. I believe, a big part of
> the problem is that VMD does not set the WM_CLASS property on its
> windows, thus making BAMF (the application matching framework) unable to
> recognize the windows as belonging to VMD.
> Do you agree, and would it be hard to implement setting this property?
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