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Highlight: Educating in Computational Biophysics: 40th Workshop Milestone

The Berkeley and Atlanta Workshops

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The Theoretical and Computational Biophysics Group (TCBG), funded by National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation, is not only the developer of the widely used computational biophysics programs NAMD and VMD, but is also an ardent teacher and trainer in computational biophysics. The group has just completed its 40th hands-on computational biophysics training workshop (see complete list), having now taught over 1,200 participants in intense, face-to-face, practical training sessions in small groups, typically of 30 students. Participants are faculty, postdocs, industry professionals, and graduate students. The training material, in the form of very extensive tutorials, is freely available on the TCBG tutorial website. The workshops are continuously improved, based on participant feedback and on the evolution of NAMD and VMD. TCBG intends to continue the workshops, and is presently developing a new generation of training features built directly into NAMD and VMD in the form of the new user interface qwikMD. For more information, see the TCBG training website.

The Future of Biomolecular Modeling

A 2015 TCBG Symposium brought together scientists from across the Midwest to brainstorm about what's on the horizon for computational modeling. See a summary of what these experts foresee. Read more

Computational Biology of Membrane Proteins

Since 1988 Illinois researchers have consistently honed their skills in parallel computing, which enabled them to elucidate dynamic processes occurring in many membrane proteins and produce exciting discoveries. By Lisa Pollack Read more


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