The group's 1988 - 2014 papers have been cited so far over 41,392 (ISI, July 2014) times. Klaus Schulten's 1972 - 2014 papers have been cited 70,850 times (see Schulten Google citation profile) as of July 2014; see his highly cited publications. Our group's 1988 - 2014 papers have made a few journal covers.

  Recent Publications

Electronic detection of dsDNA transition from helical to zipper conformation using graphene nanopores. Chaitanya Sathe, Anuj Girdhar, Jean-Pierre Leburton, and Klaus Schulten. Nanotechnology, 2014. In Press.

A highly tilted membrane configuration for the pre-fusion state of synaptobrevin. Andrew E. Blanchard, Mark J. Arcario, Klaus Schulten, and Emad Tajkhorshid. Biophysical Journal, 2014. In Press.

On the different types of vibrations interacting with electronic excitations in the PE545 and FMO antenna systems. Mortaza Aghtar, Johann Strümpfer, Carsten Olbrich, Klaus Schulten, and Ulrich Kleinekathoefer. Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 5:3131-3137, 2014.

Fibril elongation by Aβ17-42: Kinetic network analysis of hybrid-resolution molecular dynamics simulations. Wei Han and Klaus Schulten. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 136:12450-12460, 2014.

Stable small quantum dots for synaptic receptor tracking on live neurons. En Cai, Pinghua Ge, Sang Hak Lee, Okunola Jeyifous, Yong Wang, Yanxin Liu, Katie Wilson, Sung Jun Lim, Michelle Baird, John Stone, Kwan Young Lee, Michael Davidson, Hee Jung Chung, Klaus Schulten, Andrew Smith, William Green, and Paul R. Selvin. Angewandte Chemie - International Edition in English, 2014. In Press.

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