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The NAMD Wiki is moving to GitLab: . The GitLab hosted wiki is visible to all and editable by anyone with Developer status through the repo. We will be porting meaningful pages from the old wiki over to the new one. Everyone is encouraged to join our documentation efforts to help improve NAMD!

Welcome to the NAMD Wiki!

YOU can edit, extend, or even create any page in this site by clicking on the edit button. So can anybody else. There is no security. Pages are written in slightly formatted plain text, supporting headings and emphasized text, as well as multilevel lists and tables. Any word written in "camel case" like NamdWiki (see the humps?) automatically becomes a link to a (possibly new) page with that name. Please see KwikiFormattingRules for full details and experiment in the SandBox.

Why? Because only a few people can improve NAMD by writing new source code, but pretty much anyone can help improve the documentation! We will be adding some content to this site over time, and you are encouraged to help improve the site by adding comments from your own experiences with NAMD. If you need to create a new page, please add it to either the topical or the user page list at the bottom of this page.

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