The Theoretical and Computational Biophysics Group is a pioneer in the realm of high-performance computing. To meet our computational needs, we maintain a wide selection of computers divided into four main categories: compute power, visualization equipment, desktop workstations, and infrastructure. Additionally, we rely upon a variety of software, and are leading users of the nation's supercomputing resources.

The TCB Group is also dedicated to helping both the biomedical community, and the computational world as a whole, by sharing the knowledge developed while administering the group internally. This knowledge is shared in the user and sysadmin documentation libraries. Addititionally, source code can be found as part of the MDTools library.

Computational Facility Spotlights
Spotlight - File Servers
File Servers
Servers that store data and serve content to the outside world must be as stable as possible. As such, we rely on three classes of stable servers to store our data and share our work. Two SunFire X4200s and five SunFire X4270s store and share our data throughout the Resource's machines and beyond, acting as file, web, and mail servers; seven SunFire X4500 class servers offer additional file storage capacity with years of uptime; and five SunFire V100s/Netra X1s offer additional services, such as name service, printing, SMB, and external logins. The full list is available here.

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