From: John Stone (
Date: Mon Apr 03 2006 - 20:00:50 CDT

Just FYI,
  For those VMD/Windows users that like using Display->Rendermode->GLSL
(programmable shading), the latest beta Windows drivers from nVidia
have fixed numerous long-standing bugs and appear quite usable on my
test machine here. The driver version I tested is 84.25. They haven't
made it available for Linux yet, but I'm hoping they will get around
to it soon, as this driver cures a number of problems that I've had
to write special hacks to workaround in the VMD graphics code. Since the
currently shipping drivers are still buggy I won't be able to disable the
workaround code yet, but for anyone that's using the new beta driver, I'd
be happy to provide a new set of GLSL shaders that are no longer hindered
by the bugs, which can be copied into your VMD installation and will give
both better performance as well as better looking graphics output.

The beta driver I tested is available here:


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