From: John Stone (
Date: Thu Aug 26 2004 - 14:04:59 CDT


> yep. i had a short look at the sources, and was puzzeled,
> that it looked (superficially) ok.


> i just updated my test executable from the cvs and it is indeed looking
> ok to me (at least for the two test cases i have at hand).
> good work.

Good, let me know if you find any cases that cause problems.

It's a good thing you guys chimed in on this bug, otherwise it
would have continued to have gone unnoticed by since I'm working
on other things presently.

> i noticed, that the volume texturing in those cases is not
> yet implemented (somebody had the common sense to print out
> a warning to the vmd console, so i did not search too long
> for errors in my .vmd file).

Yeah, that's actually my code. I intend to support non-orthogonal
volume texturing, but there's an issue with convincing OpenGL to
shear the automatically generated texture coordinates that I have
to solve before it'll work correctly. The "VolumeSlice" textures
are done correctly however, as they are implemented differently.

> stupid question: is it due to lack of time, or lack of demand?

Time. There never seems to be a lack of demand for new features.. :)


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