From: Chris Ing (
Date: Thu Jul 03 2014 - 16:08:03 CDT

 I'm running VMD 1.9.1 under Windows 8 and I am unable to run STRIDE within

ERROR) Unable to find Stride output file: C:\Users\Rachel
ERROR) Stride::read_stride_record: unable to read output file from Stride
ERROR) Call to Stride program failed.

The actual stride_WIN32.exe executable is fully functioning and works with
any passed PDB. I think the source of the error could be the generation of
the actual call arguments in vmd-1.9.1/src/Stride.C on line 184/185.

184 infilename = tempnam(NULL, NULL);

185 outfilename = tempnam(NULL, NULL);

186 #endif

187 if (infilename == NULL || outfilename == NULL) {

188 msgErr << "Unable to create temporary files for STRIDE." <<
189 return 1;

190 }


192 char *stridecall = new char[strlen(stridebin)

193 +strlen(infilename)

194 +strlen(outfilename)

195 +16];


197 sprintf(stridecall,"\"%s\" %s -f%s", stridebin, infilename,

I think this because I went to the location "C:\Users\Rachel
X\AppData\Local\Temp\7" and there is nothing there after doing "New
Cartoon" on my Protein . If I create a new temp directory 7 or 8, it simply
says "Unable to find output file in C:\Users\Rachel
X\AppData\Local\Temp\8", incrementing the temp directory number by 1 each
time I manually make a new directory. I also tried modifying the
permissions of the directory 7 and 8 and nothing happened.

I have successfully used STRIDE under VMD 1.9.1 with spaces in my path on a
different Windows 7 system. I can't imagine why this would be specific to
Windows 8. I would like to try modifying the infilename and outfilename
variables above, but I haven't figured out how to compile VMD under Windows
at this point.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

-Chris Ing