From: James Marsh (
Date: Tue Dec 03 2013 - 03:09:29 CST

Hi there,

Im trying to install the Dowser plugin in VMD with great difficulty and
would appreciate some help.

When I try and run Dowser in VMD it is terminated immediately and in my
terminal window I get the message:

"DOWSER: Undefined variable

>From what I can gather this has to do with executing source
/usr/local/initial/dowserinit properly when installing Dowser. I guess I am
not doing this correctly, which probably has more to do with my very limited
knowledge of command line tools and scripting.

I realise this issue has been raised before here, and trust me, Ive read
them all! But still no luck. If someone would kindly run me through how to
properly install the Dowser plugin, that would be really, really helpful.
Im using a Mac (Terminal), if that helps.

Many thanks for your assistance,