TCB Hands-on Workshop in Atlanta


  • 3/21: Introduction to Protein Structure and Dynamics - Klaus Schulten, Jeff Skolnick
    • Opening Remarks, Steve Harvey (pdf), Klaus Schulten (pdf)
    • Introduction to Molecular Dynamics with VMD & NAMD, Klaus Schulten (pdf-1, pdf-2)
    • From Molecules to Cells - Whole Cell Simulations, Jeff Skolnick, CSSB (pdf)

  • 3/22: Statistical Mechanics of Proteins - Klaus Schulten
    • Analysis of Equilibrium and Non-equilibrium Properties of Proteins with NAMD (pdf
    • Exemplary Applications of VMD / NAMD in Modern Research (pdf)

  • 3/23: Introduction to Bioinformatics - Zaida Luthey-Schulten
    • Introduction to Evolutionary Concepts in Bioinformatics: MultiSeq in VMD (pdf-1, pdf-2
    • Application of MultiSeq to Evolution of Translation Machinery (pdf)

  • 3/24: Parameters for Classical Force Fields
    • Introduction to Topology, Parameters, and Structure Files (pdf)
    • Examples and Applications (pdf)

  • 3/25: Simulating Membrane Channels
    • Introduction and Examples (pdf)
    • Transport in Aquaporins; Nanotubes (pdf)