From: Cesar Millan (
Date: Tue Oct 03 2006 - 14:02:41 CDT

Hi everyone, I trying to move a coordinates and save the changes on a new
file but when I look on the new coordinates, the coordinate values are the
same :S, here is what I'm doing:

animate read pdb lig1.pdb

proc moveby {sel offset} {
   foreach coord [$sel get {x y z}] {
   lappend newcoords [vecadd $coord $offset]
 $sel set {x y z} $newcoords

set sel [atomselect top "all"]

set v 1
while { $v <= 5 } {
moveby $sel "5 0 0"
set $sel [atomselect top "all"]
$sel writepdb lig1_${v}.pdb
rotate z by 45
moveby $sel "-5 0 0"
incr v

when I watch the coordinates on lig1_*.pdb, they are the same as the
original, does anyone know what happend?

thank you so much.

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