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Date: Wed Sep 14 2005 - 14:27:47 CDT


   As I understand it, the header of the DCD file is referred to as the
"ICNTRL array" in the CHARMM documentation. There is a description of it
(for CHARMM 25; I imagine the form for other versions is in the
analogous location in the documentation trees) at
Search on "ICNTRL". I believe NAMD writes out/reads in CHARMM24 format.


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> Dear vmd-l,
> We use our home-grown Fortran package to do molecular
> dynamics and VMD to visualize the results. I would like to
> add the MD cell size information to the dcd files, but can't
> find any sites that outline the new dcd format. Can anybody
> point out *any* site describing the dcd format fields.
> Thanks in advance.
> Dr. Tatyana Kuznetsova
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