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Date: Thu Jun 28 2018 - 17:53:00 CDT

Set the user field, and color by user. The beta field is global across frames, but the user, user2, user3, and user4 fields are specific to a given frame.


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Dear VMD experts,

I am trying to write a TCL script where I am able to control the color of different residues in different frames. I believe the command to select a given residue in a given frame would be, for example:

atomselect top "resid 10" frame 5

I am now struggling to change the color of only this residue at only a single frame. I already tried changing the "Coloring Method" selection to Beta and the following command:

atomselect0 set beta 100

By doing this I was able to change the color of only the residue 5, however, any change I make gets applied to all frames. Is there a solution that would be "frame-specific"?

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