From: John Stone (
Date: Thu Dec 01 2016 - 15:09:27 CST

  The VMD atom selection get/set syntax doesn't (yet) support writing all of
the timesteps at once. You must presently write a short loop that
does a "$sel frame" before doing the "$sel set ..." for each timestep.
You're on the right track, you just need to use a loop to get it done.
You could write a short Tcl proc to do the loop so that if you have
many of these to do that you won't have to cut-paste the loop logic

  John Stone

On Thu, Dec 01, 2016 at 02:05:28PM -0600, Brian Radak wrote:
> Apologies if this is a repeat.
> I am trying to make use of the "user" field in having a dynamic
> representation that changes at each time step. This is just a simple
> boolean that turns off or on a small set of atoms as part of a larger
> selection.
> How does one assign a time series to the user field? For each atom I
> have a Tcl list with size equal to the number of DCD frames, but the
> following does not seem to work:
> % set myProperty <list of size equal to numframes>
> % set sel [atomselect <selection for a single atom>]
> % $sel set user $myProperty
> Is "user" not a time dependent property by default? The help message for
> "atomselection set" does not seem to indicate any further keywords to
> flag that.
> Brian
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