From: Ben Lowe (
Date: Fri Nov 11 2016 - 11:32:47 CST

I would like to render using the GPU-enabled TachyonLOptiXInternal,
and custom options (such as a high resolution).

I have managed to do this succesfull for the CPU Tachyon using the
following command:

render Tachyon scene.dat
-aasamples 12 -trans_max_surfaces 1 %s -format TGA -res 846 626 -o

But this relies upon passing the PATH of the executable for the the
CPU Tachyon (/local/scratch/bml1g12/Software/vmd-1.9.2/install/vmd/tachyon_LINUXAMD6)
and as I do not know the PATH of the GPU enabled Tachyon, I cannot use
this for TachyonLOptiXInternal. How can I find the path for the GPU
enabled tachyon (TachyonLOptiXInternal)?

Or alternatively, how can I run TachyonLOptiXInternal with options?

My question seems similar to the unanswered question last year from
Parker de Waal :

Kind Regards,