From: Tyler Westland (
Date: Thu Sep 08 2016 - 10:17:53 CDT

Dear VMD users,

VMD Version: 1.9.2

Problem: Error in custom vmdrc script

Problem script:
# Our colors set by name.
# The "after idle" command is because the .vmdrc is processed too early
# for colors to be set; this makes it so that it occurs after other
# stuff is properly set up.
# The dummy molecule is created because we can't set colors if no
# molecules exist.
# See
after idle {
    # create dummy molecule with one atom
    set mol [mol new atoms 20]
    set sel [atomselect $mol all]
    # add items to color categories
    # Water and Hexane project
    # Water
    $sel set name H
    $sel set type H
    color Name H blue
    color Type H blue
    $sel set name O
    $sel set type O
    color Name O blue
    color Type O blue
    $sel set type M
    $sel set name M
    color Name M blue
    color Type M blue
    # Hexane
    $sel set name CH2
    $sel set type CH2
    color Name CH2 yellow
    color Type CH2 yellow
    $sel set name CH3
    $sel set type CH3
    color Name CH3 yellow
    color Type CH3 yellow

    # SDK project
    # Water
    $sel set name W
    $sel set type W
    color Name W blue
    color Type W blue
    # Surfactant S10E3
    $sel set name OA
    $sel set type OA
    color Name OA red
    color Type OA red
    $sel set type EO
    $sel set name EO
    color Name EO yellow
    color Type EO yellow
    $sel set name CM
    $sel set type CM
    color Name CM green
    color Type CM green
    $sel set name CT
    $sel set type CT
    color Name CT gray
    color Type CT gray
    $sel set name EST1
    $sel set type EST1
    color Name EST1 orange
    color Type EST1 orange
    $sel set name CT2
    $sel set type CT2
    color Name CT2 orange
    color Type CT2 orange

    # clean up
    $sel delete
    mol delete $mol

When VMD starts up it throws an application error with this message:

Unable to change color name
Unable to change color name
    while executing
"color Name "CH2" yellow"
    ("after" script)

Thank you very much,
Tyler Westland