From: anu chandra (
Date: Mon Jul 11 2016 - 11:37:34 CDT

Dear VMD users,

The VMD was working fine in my system all of these days. Unfortunately,
after I installed FFTW (that was for Gromacs installation), VMD failed to
show the display window and showed the following message,

$ vmd
Info) VMD for LINUXAMD64, version 1.9.2 (December 29, 2014)
Info) Email questions and bug reports to
Info) Please include this reference in published work using VMD:
Info) Humphrey, W., Dalke, A. and Schulten, K., `VMD - Visual
Info) Molecular Dynamics', J. Molec. Graphics 1996, 14.1, 33-38.
Info) -------------------------------------------------------------
Info) Multithreading available, 16 CPUs detected.
Info) Free system memory: 31139MB (97%)
Info) Creating CUDA device pool and initializing hardware...
Info) Detected 1 available CUDA accelerator:
Info) [0] Quadro K4200 7 SM_3.0 @ 0.78 GHz, 4.0GB RAM, KTO, AE2, ZCP
Info) Detected 1 available TachyonL/OptiX ray tracing accelerator
Warning) Detected X11 'Composite' extension: if incorrect display occurs
Warning) try disabling this X server option. Most OpenGL drivers
Warning) disable stereoscopic display when 'Composite' is enabled.
libGL error: No matching fbConfigs or visuals found
libGL error: failed to load driver: swrast
XRequest.153: BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation) 0x0
XRequest.153: GLXBadContext 0x2e00001
XRequest.153: 0 0x0
Info) OpenGL renderer: ErrorUnknown
Info) Features: STENCIL
Info) GLSL rendering mode is NOT available.
XRequest.153: GLXBadDrawable 0x2e00091
Info) Dynamically loaded 2 plugins in directory:
Info) /usr/local/lib/vmd/plugins/LINUXAMD64/molfile
XRequest.153: GLXBadContext 0x2e00001
XRequest.153: 0 0x0
XRequest.153: GLXBadDrawable 0x2e00091
XRequest.153: GLXBadContext 0x2e00001
XRequest.153: 0 0x0

I wonder what went wrong when I installed FFTW. A re-installation of the
nvidia drivers also didn't help me to rectify the problem.

My nvidia drivers shows,

$ cat /proc/driver/nvidia/version
NVRM version: NVIDIA UNIX x86_64 Kernel Module 352.93 Tue Apr 5 18:18:24
PDT 2016
GCC version: gcc version 4.8.5 20150623 (Red Hat 4.8.5-4) (GCC)

I am using RHEL 7 workstation. Unfortunately, a successful system update
and reboot also didn't help me to solve the problem.

Any help here would be highly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance