From: Hannes Loeffler (
Date: Wed Dec 17 2014 - 04:30:27 CST

On Tue, 16 Dec 2014 17:37:58 -0600
alex lin <> wrote:

> I am currently running in to vmd crashing error while I try to load my
> prmtop files. I was using 1.9.1 vmd on windows 7 and I upgraded to
> 1.9.2 but still the error occurs with no description of the error.
> error message is " winvmd has stopped working" and only option is to
> close the program.
> I can load other prmtop files and pdb files fine but the ones that I
> am trying right now does not work.

You will need to provide this prmtop (together with the corresponding
coordinates) otherwise nobody will be able to debug this. How was this
file originally created? Was it manipulated in some other way?