From: Luis Gracia (
Date: Mon Jun 16 2014 - 09:13:22 CDT

VMD community,

I have moved development of my plugins to GitHub, with a few additional
perks. I encourage you to check the latest version and contribute to the
open source projects from the following links:


   rmsdtt at has new iterative fitting
   functions we’ve used internally over the years

   itrajcomp at is finally publicly
   released (though, more documentation on user’s custom functions is still

   clustering at

   swap at

As I shifted my work away from molecular research so has done my work on
these plugins. I’m still maintaining them whenever I find some time, and
routinely support lab members and others when requested, but no new
features have been added in a long time. I hope that by moving the projects
to GitHub the community can pick them up and evolve them in the right
direction. GitHub is a great service for open source development. Please,
feel free to contribute to the projects, open issues, clone them, hack
them, improve them…


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