From: Ajasja Ljubetič (
Date: Thu Jan 30 2014 - 03:34:27 CST

> Linux is always better. :D I can't speak to the plans for if/when VMD will
> compiled for 64 bit windows, but I do know that 90% of the VMD power users
> I know (an admittedly biased pool) use some distribution of linux when
> running VMD (the other 10% run Macs).

I'm a happy windows VMD user and while I did have to resort to some
creative TCL scripting to analyse large trajectories, I have been running
VMD on windows without any problems (hats off to the dev team). Of course
I'm also (patiently)
the 64 bit build, but I never had the time (yet) to try to compile VMD

As to the choice of linux distro: it does boil down to personal preference.
I've heard good things about Mint Linux, but YMMV.

Best regards,

On 29 January 2014 21:50, Josh Vermaas <> wrote:

> Hi Jose,
> down that path, it mostly boils down to personal preference, as the
> install procedure and running VMD itself are identical across
> distributions. If you are serious, I'd make a few virtual machines first to
> see which environment you like first, as different distros use different
> graphics managers that may drive you crazy when it comes to day-to-day
> usability. VirtualBox is a good program for playing with virtual machines,
> as its free, making the total cost to try this out $0. It is also possible
> to run VMD from inside a virtual machine. You won't be able to use CUDA,
> but at least you can get around the 32-bit size limitations if you install
> a 64-bit operating system.
> Good luck!
> -Josh Vermaas
> On 01/29/2014 12:46 PM, Villalain Boullon, Jose wrote:
> Dear all,
> I have been trying to load a DCD file (about 3.5 Gb) using VMD but VMD
> always crashes when it is loading something like 2-3000 steps. My PC runs
> Windows 8.1, i7, 16Gb of memory and a NVIDIA graphics card with 2Gb, so I
> do not think it is hardware but software. As it was commented before, it
> might be due to VMD being 32 bit (it seems that it does not happen using
> Linux) and therefore I will have to try and use the *bigdcd* script if I
> continue using Windows. Because of that, I would like to ask some
> questions: Is there any chance that VMD will be compiled for 64 bit in the
> next future ?. If not, would it be better to use Linux instead of Windows
> to work with VMD?. In this case, is there any Linux distribution which is
> better suited to work with VMD or it really does not matter?.
> Thanks a lot.
> My very best regards,
> Jos.