From: Nuno Sousa Cerqueira (
Date: Tue Nov 03 2009 - 02:29:30 CST


I have a analysis script that I use very often with VMD. The script
is under a namespace and does several calculations that freezes VMD
interface (and takes a long time). Therefore I am trying to run it
using the VMD shell.

To run the script I have something like:

::Script::Shell File

where File is a file that is required for the calculation.

I am trying to use the VMD shell option using the following command

vmd -dispdev text -args "::Script::Shell File"

but it does not give me the desired results. The VMD runs, but the
proc ::Script::Shell File does not start.
If I open VMD (vmd -dispdev text) and I write ::Script::Shell File,
it works fine.

Does anyone has a workaround for this issue.

Regards, Nuno