From: jake wernik (
Date: Mon Jun 16 2008 - 20:19:52 CDT

I am trying to open a gromacs .gro file with my atomic coordinates but VMD gives the following message upon opening and does not display the molecule, only lists the number of atoms without bonds:
  Info) Using plugin gro for structure file E:/file.gro
  Warning, error reading box, unexpected end-of-file reached
  Info) Using plugin gro for coordinates from file E:/file.gro.
  Info) Finished with coordinate file E:/file.gro
  Info) Analyzing structure ...
  Info) etc....
  Can someone help explain what is wrong with the file format as I have loaded a similar .gro file before and it worked just fine. It seems that the program is very picky with the amount of characters or spaces used to define the parameters in the file.
  Also, is there any resource available where I can read up on what the warning messages mean?
  Thanks in advance.
  Mr. Wernik