From: Jill Vickery (
Date: Fri Aug 16 2002 - 17:48:55 CDT

Is there a way to change the default colors used with the charge coloring
method. I am using version 1.8a21 on Windows XP. I have looked under every
category in the color menu and cannot find one that changes charge color.
Under Restype I can change basic and acid but not change in the color used
with charge.

Also I would like to set up some hot keys for stereo on/off on the same
machine. To test out the command line I need for stereo on/off I tried
typing "display stereo off" or display stereo scanline interleaved" in the
terminal window. However, nothing happened and no error message. Has anyone
else been successful on setting up hotkeys for stereo on/off.

Finally, can someone briefly describe how the spaceball works with VMD. I
read the manual but it is not clear how this actual works. I have seen them
with the 12 keys and the ball but I would like to know how this is much
different than a track ball with hot keys or a 5button mouse with 4
programmable buttons.

Thanks in advance,