From: John Stone (
Date: Mon Jun 24 2002 - 10:28:07 CDT

  We haven't made any significant changes to the quad-buffered stereo
code in VMD (aka "CrystalEyes") for quite a while. The only obvious
culprite I can think of is that the new versions of VMD might be more
agressive in trying to find an X visual for OpenGL rendering, and is missing
the particular stereo visual that your XIG server is providing.
If you can tell me what display mode your XIG server allows stereo in,
and what bit-depths it provides for color buffers, Z-buffer, and stencil
buffer, that would help. I suspect that your problem may be due to VMD
requesting a stencil buffer in the new version, which it didn't do in the
old versions. Your XIG server may be providing the stencil buffer at
the cost of not providing stereo, which would be unfortunate. Anyway,
if you can tell me more about what your X server is supporting, I can
add some code so that VMD will try to get a mode that works on your

  John Stone

On Mon, Jun 24, 2002 at 01:47:02PM +0200, Johannes von Langen wrote:
> Dear vmd-users,
> dear John,
> I am using one of those cheap shutterglases (elsa Revelator) on Linux
> with a Matrox G450 and the xserver provided by XIG ( - this
> has been working really good with the 1.7b1 Mesa release (allthou you
> have to uninstall the Mesa libs for the xserver to work ?!?).
> Unfortunately, on 1.8a16, when I try to switch to "CrystalEyes", I only
> get an Above/Below - stereo ?
> Any ideas?
> Best regards
> Johannes
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