From: Will Sheffler (
Date: Sat Jun 22 2002 - 02:32:12 CDT

Hi verious VMD gurus.

I'm giving a presentation about my research this summer, and I'd like
to play some animations in VMD. I can of course use static movies
instead, but being able to change perspective in real time makes it
much much easier to show what's going on in a molecular process. For
some things, I need to have surfaces - like when illustrating binding
pockets. But VMD renders a new surface for an 'atomselect' each time
the animation frame is updated. Is there a way to cache the surfaces
for each frame so they don't have to be rendered each time? Whatever
3D shit is in my laptop can render a surface quickly, but of course
calculating the triangles for the surface in the first place takes
much longer. If the surfaces could be cached, I could play an
animation and be able to rotate and scale it in realtime.

Of course, this could be remidied with a course code change, but I'm
looking for sometime that could done by next wed. (perhaps I could
chane the source by next wed, but I haven't even read the programmers
guide yet so I doubt it)


  -Will Sheffler
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