From: M. Emal Alekozai (
Date: Mon May 15 2006 - 06:58:09 CDT

Hi VMD users,

I have got the following problem:

I want to load a dcd file and skip every 50 frame.
In the VMD Gui it works fine. But if I save the vmd input file the "skip"
command isn't saved.

I afterwords tried to edit the vmd input file be hand and added the "skip"
option to the "mol addfile" command (same as proposed in [1]).

The edited command in the inpute file looks like this:
  "mol addfile dcdFile_prod13.dcd type dcd skip 1000 waitfor all"

But this doesn't seems to work. VMD still loads the entire dcd file.
Where is the mistake?

Thanks in advance and regards

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