From: Christian Wohlschlager (
Date: Mon Sep 19 2016 - 08:00:53 CDT

** Reply Requested When Convenient **

Dear ALL !

I made a reaktion simulation with the following steps:

the reaktion consist of 4 steps

1. first.pdb ---- dcd file with 100 frames
2. sec.pdb --- dcd file with 100 frames
3. tri.pdb ---- dcd file with 100 frames
4. four.pdb ---- dcd file with 100 frames

then i copy first.dcd + sec.dcd + tri.dcd + four.dcd to all.dcd

now i start first.pdb with all.dcd

the bound which was createt between sec.pdb and tri.pdb is lost now
when i start it sec.pdb with sec.dcd it ok

i think there is something wronge that I DID in copy all together.

Anybody knows or have any idea