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Date: Thu Mar 03 2016 - 09:35:00 CST

About 5 seconds after I posted, I figured it out :)

From: Ana Celia Vila Verde []
Sent: Thursday, March 03, 2016 9:30 AM
To: Richard Wood;
Subject: Re: vmd-l: a question about g(r)

something like

type OW (if you have particles of type OW)
name Cl (if you have particles of name Cl)
index 1 (if you want to get the radial distribution function around a particular atom; sometimes useful, for example, to get the radial distribution function of particles of a given type around a particular protein atom. In this case one of the selections would be "index 1" and the other "type OW", for example).

On 03/03/16 16:04, Richard Wood wrote:
What is the syntax necessary to run the Radial Pair Distribution Function g(r) plugin under VMD? more specifically, what text goes into the boxes labeled Selection 1 and Selection 2?