From: Tristan Croll (
Date: Thu Jun 26 2014 - 23:12:33 CDT

So this is more of a humorous event than a bug that is going to really hurt anybody. In order to render a bigger-than-screen-size image using the File Render Controls dialog, I added:
-res [expr 879 * 5] [expr 886 * 5]
.. to the Tachyon input line, where 879 and 886 are the window dimensions from running
display get size

Evidently this doesn't work, since now Tachyon is busy attempting to render all 481 files in the current directory (a couple of dozen of which are actual Tachyon files), and I can't kill it without killing my VMD instance. It's nearly done, thankfully...

Anyway, after all that, I think a really nice feature to add to this dialog would be a "screen size multiplier" box or drop-down menu, to make it easier to render very large images without the need to know the specific syntax for each renderer.