From: Benjamin Kaduk (
Date: Fri Feb 28 2014 - 21:57:36 CST

Hi Lee-Ping,

On Fri, 28 Feb 2014, Lee-Ping Wang wrote:

> 1) Drawing circles. I have the following TCL snippet for drawing a
> circle but it's kind of slow. I could also use VMD spheres with
> angle-modulated transparency, but in this case I would prefer for it to
> simply be a circle.
> 2) Drawing small polyhedra. My method is to create atoms at the
> positions of the vertices and use the "Polyhedra" representation. However,
> VMD complains that there are too many bonds and does not draw all of the
> polyhedral faces.

I think you get to use the 'triangle' primitive for drawing generic
polyhedra. (Wrapped in some higher-level functions, of course.)

With respect to circles, I don't have any good ideas. It's good to keep
in mind that VMD is primarily a molecular visualization tool, and is not
really intended to (also) be a generic drawing tool.

> 3) Tooltips. Is it possible to pop up an image if I mouse-over an atom
> or graphics object?

I don't know, sorry.