From: Muhammet İsmet Töreh Balta (
Date: Thu Apr 08 2010 - 11:10:17 CDT

Dear all,

First of all I'm a newbie on this VMD stuff and;

I am trying to rotate the view around an axis that I get from loading a VASP-CHGCAR file through tk-console to secure same angle of sight in different VASP-CHGCAR visualizations.

I search in User's Guide and found a function that seems a possible solution to my problem that named "rotate".
As it said in User's Guide;
 // rotate < x | y | z > by angle: Rotate around the given axis angle degrees.
I tried alot of formation but it doesn't work.

Actually there isn't enough information about usage of this command.
I would be appreciated if someone could tell me a little bit about the usage of this command or an alternative way to do what I'm trying.


Torehan Balta
Gebze Institute of Technology
Physics Dept.