TCB Hands-on Workshop in Urbana
Participant Profile

There were 33 participants in the workshop. Each individual applied for a seat, and was selected from a pool of 82 applicants.  A distribution of education is provided in Table 1 and of industry in Table 2, while Table 3 lists participant names, institutions, and current level of education.

Education      Number
Doctorate 1
Postdoctoral Associate 15
Graduate Student 12
MA/MS Degree 1
Masters Student 1
BA/BS Degree 1
Undergraduate Student 2
Total 33

Table 1: Breakdown of Participants and their current educational standing.
Location Number
Academic 33

Table 2: Distribution of types of participant work locations.

Name Institute Education
Raul Araya University of California at San Diego PhD Student
Ayse Ozlem Aykut UCSD Air Force Research Laboratory Postdoctoral Associate
Navendu Bhatnagar Brandeis University PhD Student
Axel Bidon-Chanal Universidad de Chile PhD Student
Ryan Bubinski University of Illinois at Chicago PhD Student
Meghan Cain University Of Pennsylvania Postdoctoral Associate
Darryl D'Lima Sabanci University PhD Student
Michael Drummond The Scripps Research Institute MA/MS Degree
Stuart Duffy The Scripps Research Institute Postdoctoral Associate
Al'ona Furmanchuk UCSD Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Postdoctoral Associate
Weihua Geng University of California at San Diego PhD Student
Ming Han  Universite Henri-Poincare Postdoctoral Associate
Jane HyoJin Lee UC San Diego and Boise State University Postdoctoral Associate
Vukovic Lela University of California at Merced PhD Student
Amanda Li University of California, Irvine Undergraduate
Larry Masterson Jackson State University Doctorate
Jeffrey Mills Harvard Medical School Postdoctoral Associate
Piotr Mroz University of California at San Diego PhD Student
Dimitar Pachov San Francisco State University Masters Student
Lili Peng Indiana University at Bloomington Postdoctoral Associate
Peter Randolph Scripps Health and The Scripps Research Institute BA/BS Degree
Paul Rigor University of Virginia PhD Student
Benjamin Rodriguez University of California at Irvine PhD Student
Kate Rogers University of North Texas Postdoctoral Associate
Manuel Rueda UC Irvine Institute for Genomics and Bioinformatics PhD Student
Peter Salamon San Diego State University Postdoctoral Associate
Greg Sandala University of Minnesota Postdoctoral Associate
Cinque Soto Columbia University Undergraduate
Sujata Sovani La Jolla Bioengineering Institute Postdoctoral Associate
Ian Stokes-Rees Michigan Technological University Postdoctoral Associate
Maryna Taranova Wayne State University PhD Student
Dora Toledo Warshaviak University of Michigan Postdoctoral Associate
Dong Xu The Scripps Research Institute Postdoctoral Associate
  Table 3: Participant Names, Institutes, and Education