Participant Profile

There were twenty participants in the workshop, nearly all from departments within the University of Pittsburgh. Profile information indicates the average participant was a graduate student or postdoc, pursuing a degree within the departments of structural or computational biology.  A distribution of education is provided in Table 1 and of participating departments in Table 2.


Highest Degree Earned Number
Graduate Student 12
Postdoc 7
Research Staff 1

Table 1: Current educational standing of participants

Department Number
Structural Biology 8
Computational Biology 6
Anesthesiology 4
Other (Chem, CS) 2

Table 2: Distribution of participating departments


Participant Univ. of Pittsburgh Department Position
 In-Ja Byeon  Structural Biology  Research Staff
 Tanxing Cui  Anesthesiology  Graduate Student
 Hikmat Daghestani  Structural Biology  Graduate Student
 Qingguo Gong  Structural Biology  Postdoc
 Esmael Jafari Haddadian  Anesthesiology  Postdoc
 William Kowallis  Chemistry  Graduate Student
 Lu Liu  Anesthesiology  Postdoc
 Ying Liu  Computational Biology  Graduate Student
 Suvrajit Maji  Computational Biology  Graduate Student
 Artem Mamonov  Computational Biology  Postdoc
 Elena Matei  Structural Biology  Postdoc
 Lidio Meireles  Computational Biology  Graduate Student
 Wazo Myint  Structural Biology  Graduate Student
 Oznur Tastan  Computer Science (Carnegie Mellon University)  Graduate Student
 Kalyan Tirupula  Computational Biology  Graduate Student
 Joseph Walsh  Structural Biology  Postdoc
 Chaitanya Wannere  Anesthesiology  Postdoc
 Naveena Yanamala  Structural Biology  Graduate Student
 Bin Zhang  Computational Biology  Graduate Student
 Adelajda Zorba  Structural Biology  Graduate Student