Location Information

The workshop will take place at the Jülich Supercomputer Centre (JSC) in building 16.4 Room 301 (second floor) in the "rotunda".
The hands-on tutorials will take place in the two computer class rooms in building 16.3 (ground floor).
Below is a campus map for your orientation.

Shuttle Information

Shuttle bus schedule Monday-Friday morning:

8:15am at the Hotel Kaiserhof
(coordinates 50.920586, 6.355795)

~8:20am at the Walramplatz
(coordinates 50.920625, 6.355803)

The bus stop is close to the Hotel am Hexenturm and also easy to reach from the Stadthotel.
The bus leaves at the JSC at 6pm in the evening and takes you back to the Hotel Kaiserhof and then Walramplatz.
Watch for a bus from the company "Taeter", which should display a sign saying "Forschungszentrum" or just "FZJ".
Otherwise, there is so little traffic in Juelich, finding the right bus should not be a problem.

Badge Information

You will receive a badge during registration which is at the same time also your entry pass for the campus.
For those who do not come by bus, please mention at the gate that you are participant of the CECAM workshop and that you will get the badge on-site.