Even though the tutorials will be held in computer course rooms, we strongly encourage participants to bring their own laptops and install most of the required software in advance.

We will have two class rooms (equipped with 24 + 28 computers), but the overall computational resources will be limited (e.g. the larger room runs a virtualized system with on average only about one cpu-core per user).

There will be eduroam wireless network available on campus. If you do not use eduroam or want to get access to the WLAN of the research center, please send us your MAC address (of the wireless network adapter) so we can register you in advance and save time during the workshop.

Install Software

  • MDFF (Ryan McGreevy / ryanmcgreevy@ks.uiuc.edu )

    • VMD (current version is 1.9.2, but there might be a new release right before the workshop starts)

    • NAMD (latest version)

    • PHENIX (latest official release)

  • Rosetta (Frank DiMaio / dimaio@uw.edu )

  • DireX (Gunnar Schroeder / gu.schroeder@fz-juelich.de )