From: C. Parry (
Date: Fri Dec 01 2006 - 18:02:17 CST

> I am trying the "Volume" coloring and I am using the
> files that come with the tutorial using VMD-1.8.5
> I have followed the steps carefully. First, I load
> the
> structure (fas2.pqr) and display it (drawing) as
> surface. Next, I load the volume data into the
> existing (same one fas2) molecule: mol addfile
> pot.dx,
> and the drawing method to 'volume.' No color change
> even when I adjust the color range tab.
> Could you tell me what I am missing?

This appears to be software-hardware implementation;
see also,
and follow up.
> 2. What specific steps would I need to take to
> display
> just a few residues around a given residue?
This is the usual way: create a representation for the
residue selection you wish to map as surface.

> 3. When I invoke VMD at command '$ vmd -e fas2.vmd'
> the VMD display freezes - so I have to depend on the
> icon.

This appears to be related to 1), 3-D texturing
mapping. I do not experience the hang up under a linux
operating system (on a linux machine).

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