Step One: Connect to the 'Net


Modem service is about as basic as you can get - it's slow and universal. The following dial-in services are provided by the University and Beckman. Note: while the sysadmin team may be able to help you with setting up your computer to dial into the campus network, they are (in general) not experts on it - most of them have stopped using modems long ago. For real help, please follow these links:
  • CCSO Tutorials for setting up your computer to dial into the University network


Cable Modems and DSL are available in C-U. They both provide much faster connectivity than modems, along with "always-on" access. You may also be able get a connection from your landlord.

(Note, if you're getting one of these services, you should also get a firewall to protect your machine from outside attack. We have had good exerperience with the Linksys Cable/DSL Router line.)

Step Two: Connect to TB Services

For information on connecting to the TB network once you are connected to the 'net, click here.