Juan R. Perilla started his undergraduate studies as a physics major at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Marveled by the complexity of living systems, he decided to devote his graduate studies at Johns Hopkins University to biophysics. During his PhD, Juan developed different methods that have been successfully applied to sample conformational transitions for systems of different sizes and complexities. Juan also developed methods for the analysis of long simulations of large macromolecules by using nonlinear analysis and information theory. While at Hopkins, Juan saw the opportunity to work in both clinical and basic research that could have a direct impact on human health, that is why in collaboration with structural biologist he studied the dynamical properties of the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFr), a well known oncogene associated with different types of cancer. At the Johns Hopkins Hospital, Juan worked shoulder to shoulder with physicians and scientists at the Epilepsy Center in the neurology department. In the center, Juan developed new procedures and methods for the reconstruction of medical images, and the analysis of EEGs allowing the accurate localization of epileptic seizure foci by the use of subdural electrodes in human patients. Juan joined TCBG in 2011 in order to continue his studies on living systems. Juan is trying to understand the uncoating mechanism of the HIV-1 capsid, a step that is crucial to the replication cycle of the virus. He is also studying the conformational pathways that lead to the insertion of proteins into membranes. Juan is working on bringing his methods into NAMD and VMD.
Juan Perilla


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