João Ribeiro received his diploma degree in Bioinformatics in 2009 from the Faculty of Biotechnology, Portuguese Catholic University, and his Ph.D. in Chemistry in 2014 from Faculty of Science, University of Porto advised by Prof. Maria J. Ramos. During his Bioinformatics degree, he had the opportunity to combine Biology and Biochemistry with software development to produce user-friendly Bioinformatics tools. His studies in the Faculty of Biotechnology awarded him with the Merit Scholarship for the duration of his major. The pursuit for the integration of Biochemistry with software development followed João's in his Ph.D, where he dedicated his thesis to the development of third-party tools (plugins) for the widely used molecular visualization program VMD, developed by Klaus Schulten's Theoretical and Computational Biophysics Group. These plugins aimed to assist non-expert users of computational Chemistry software in different stages of the computer-aided drug design process, such as molecular docking, protein mutagenesis and molecular dynamics simulation analysis. João joined the TCBG group in 2014 to improve his molecular dynamics simulation knowledge engaging in the research of cellulose degradation fro biofuel production by MD simulation means while keeping the software development always present in his work. He is currently the main developer of the newest VMD plugin to assist MD novice users in the preparation, execution and analysis of MD simulations, QwikMD. This plugin smooths the initial learning curve imposed by the MD programs and allows more advanced users to speed-up tedious structure preparation procedures. João will continue to improve the usability of the MD programs by developing VMD plugins to assist the user in the study of their molecular structures and improve the computer-aided drug design process.
Joao Ribeiro


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