Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Please first try e-mail to reach the workshop contacts.

If a matter is particularly urgent, contact David Brandon, Manager, TCBG: 217-265-6480

Registration and Fees

Q: Does the workshop provide any financial aid?
A: Unfortunately we are unable to provide any financial assistance.

Q: What is covered in the registration fee?
A: Workshop materials, other instructional costs, refreshments breaks, and lunch are included in the fee.


Q: Where can I find information about travel to the Beckman Institute?
A: Please click here for the Beckman Institute's travel guide. You may also wish to consult the U. Illinois Visitor's page, or the Visiting the TCBG page. The street address of the Beckman Institute is 405 N. Mathews Avenue, Urbana, Illinois, 61801 (Google map). A few frequently asked items are also highlighted below.

Q: What airport should I fly to?
A: Willard Airport in Champaign is the closest airport (10 min. driving) to the campus of university of Illinois. You can also fly to Chicago O'Hare airport (3 hr. driving to Champaign), to Indianapolis International airport (2 hr. driving), or to Bloomington, IL (45 min.). From Willard airport you can take Taxi (about $12) or Bus to the campus. From other airports, please check this faq for shuttle information.

Q: Is there any shuttle service between Chicago/Indianapolis airports and the University campus?
A: Yes. LEX (Lincolnland Express) provides shuttle services from Chicago O'Hare, Midway airports and Indianapolis International airport to our campus. You need to make a reservation beforehand. From Chicago area you may also check Suburban Express, Baldwin Shuttle and Greyhound for transportation to Champaign-Urbana.

Q: I am not sure whether I could legally stay in the US for the workshop without a visa, or if this is not the case, what visa I would need. Do you know what the current regulations are and can you sponsor my visa application?
A: Please check all US entry-related matters on your end, as different countries have different immigration agreements with the US. We are not able to help with the entry processes to the US. As of October 26, 2004, there are some changes that international travelers to the U.S. should be aware of.  For the latest information about obtaining visas, visit the web site:


Q: What housing options are near the Beckman Institute?
A: The Illini Union Hotel and the Hampton Inn are nearby accommodations. While the Illini Union Hotel is further from the Beckman Institute (see below), it is set in the campus town area and so there are more dining options. The Hampton Inn is across the street from the Beckman Institute, but doesn't have as much to do when you walk out the front door. You may also want to check other hotels located nearby the Beckman Institute.

Q: How do I get from the Illini Union Hotel to the Beckman Institute?
A: The Illini Union Hotel is two large blocks south of the Beckman Institute. Here is a campus map and a Google map, though you could more easily exit from the front of the Union and take the sidewalk up the middle of the quads rather than sticking to the street route. Once at Beckman, proceed into the building and just past a large video screen are elevators. Take the elevators to the third floor, and head south to 3269.


Q: Where can I eat?
A:  There are restaurants with good prices within a few minutes walking distance of the hotel and the Beckman Institute - click here for a list and map. Also check the Champaign/Urbana restaurant guide for more information. There is also a small cafe in the Beckman institute. We estimate meals cost $20 to $30 daily.


Q: Am I registered as a University of Illinois student for the workshop?
A: No. The workshop participants are not legally registered as students at UIUC. Attending the workshop is comparable to participation in any conference or a professional meeting and does not establish any formal association with UIUC.

Q:  Will I have internet access at the hotel and the Beckman Institute?
A:  Yes, wireless internet access is provided in rooms, public and conference areas.

Q: What is the time/zone for Urbana-Champaign?
A: Urbana, IL, is in the Central time zone of the US - click here for the current time or use the display below.

Q: What weather conditions should I be prepared for?
A: Click here for the current/predicted weather or use display below.

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