At the end of the workshop, participants were asked to complete an evaluation form (taken from here at the NCMI workshop site) to register their opinion of the workshop as a whole, of their opinions regarding the quality, utility, and difficulty level of lectures, and whether the lectures should be included in the the next workshop. Data was collected for the molecular dynamics theory lecture provided by Klaus Schulten, and for the subsequent VMD and NAMD tutorial session (which focused on molecular dynamics flexible fitting method and stereochemical validation of proteins and nucleic acids). With ~27 responses collected per question, the response rate for the event, which ranged in audience size from 60-80 participants, ranges from 33-45 percent. Responses by agenda segment follow below; 'positive' ratings reflect the proportion of respondents rating an item on the positive end of a scale, e.g. as 'good' or 'very good' on a rating scale.

MD Theory - a high proportion, 81%, of those responding evaluated the quality of the MD theory lecture as good or very good. An equal proportion felt the the lecture should be included in a subsequent workshop. A high proportion of respondents  (78%) also felt that the difficulty level of the lecture was just right, and nearly three-fourths of respondents rated the utility of the lecture high at 74%.




VMD & NAMD Tutorial - as is the case with ratings of the lecture, evaluation ratings of the VMD and NAMD tutorial segment of the workshop are very high. Nearly all participants, 96%, agreed that the quality and utility of the tutorial was good or very good. The near consensus extended to ratings of the difficulty level of the tutorials, with 96% finding the difficulty level just right, and identically 96% of those responding indicated the tutorials should be used at a subsequent workshop.