Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Please first try e-mail to reach the workshop contacts.

If a matter is particularly urgent, contact:
Prof. Ulrich Kleinekathoefer, Jacobs University Bremen
Phone: +49 421 200 3523
Fax: +49 421 200 49 3523
Ms. Katja Hesse-Achen (regarding housing and local area questions)
Phone: +49 421 200-3101
Fax: + 49 421 200-49 3101
David Brandon, Manager, TCBG
Phone: 217-265-6480
Fax: 217-244-6078

Registration and Fees

Q: Does the workshop provide any financial aid?
A: Unfortunately we are unable to provide any financial assistance.

Q: What is covered in the registration fee?
A: Workshop materials and other instructional costs are included in the fee. Meals are included in the fee for the residential colleges.


Q: I am not sure whether I could legally stay in Germany for the workshop without a visa, or if this is not the case, what visa I would need. Do you know what the current regulations are and can you sponsor my visa application?
A: Please check all entry-related matters on your end, as different countries have different immigration agreements with Germany.

Q: How to reach Jacobs University Bremen?
A: Please have a look at the map here, or the Jacobs University Bremen website travel guide here.

Q: How do I reach Jacobs University Bremen from the airport?
A: From the airport take tram number 6 to themain train station and then the local train to Bremen-Vegesack. Leave the train at Bremen-Schnebeck station. Please buy a ticket named "PS II", valid for tram and train. See also the maps listed in other questions in this section of the faq.

Q: How do I find the Campus Center/IRC workshop conference room from the College Nordmetall accommodations?
A: The Campus Center/IRC building is a brief walk west from the College Nordmetall building. See map here or Jacobs University Bremen map here.


Q: Can I stay longer before/after the workshop?
A: Housing in the residential colleges is provided for Oct. 16 (check-in) and Oct. 22 (check-out, by 9:00 am). You have to arrange with hotels or hotels in Bremen if you would like to arrive earlier or stay longer.

Q: How do I check-in to the accommodations?
A: Please pick up your room key at the porters (main entrance of Jacobs University, open 24 hours, also on weekends). Your room is in the so-called College Nordmetall (see map here).

Q: How does the pairing of people sharing an en suite bathroom work and would people know who they would share bathrooms with before arrival?
A: Pairing will be mostly done at check-in time. Participants will not be notified in advance.

Q: Can I bring a spouse or significant other to share my double room with me?
A: No. Anything outside of sharing a double with another workshop participant you will have to arrange and pay for by yourself.

Q: Can I bring a spouse or significant other to share my single or double apartment with me?
A: No.

Q: Will there be Internet access in the accommodations?
A: You will need to bring a LAN cable if you want to access internet in your rooms (there is no wireless there). Please note that you may need a power adapter to get your laptops working with the European power system (220 V AC, 50 Hz).

Q: Are bedding, towels and soap provided in the rooms of the residential college?
A: Bedding and towels are provided but no soap/shampoo.


Q: Where can I eat?
A: Breakfast, lunch and dinner from Sunday evening to Saturday morning is included in the price for the accommodation in the residential colleges. The first meal included for those staying on campus is Sunday evening, October 16. For meals before this meal, you need to have a Guest Campus Card to get food and beverages in the Serveries. It is not possible to pay cash in the serveries. Participants not staying in the residential colleges can purchase meals using a Campus Card available in the porters lodge.

If you want to buy food outside the pre-ordered meals (Sunday evening to Saturday morning if you are staying on campus) AND ONLY THEN, you will need a Campus Guest Card. There is a terminal for unpersonalized Campus Guest Cards at the Porters where you can get a Campus Guest card. A deposit of 10 Euro needs to be paid (10 Euro-note exactly!! overspending, e.g., putting in a 20 Euro note, is not possible) for the Card. The Guest can load the Card with Euros (cash) at the revalue machine (at the Porters). The Guest will get back the remaining balance and deposit when he/she returns the card to the terminal. Sorry for the slightly complicated procedure!

Q: When are the serveries open?
A: Opening hours of the serveries: Sunday Dinner, 18:00 - 20:00; Monday to Friday, Breakfast 7:15 - 9:45, Lunch 12:00 - 14:00, Dinner 18:00 - 20:00; Saturday, Breakfast 8:00 - 10:00.


Q: Am I registered as a Jacobs University student for the workshop?
A: No. The workshop participants are not legally registered as students at Jacobs University Bremen. Attending the workshop is comparable to participation in any conference or a professional meeting and does not establish any formal association with Jacobs University.

Q: Will I have internet access at the workshop site?
A: While on campus, you will have access to free wireless internet. However, you need an access code which you will receive upon registration. Note: see housing/accommodations for information about internet access in the residential hall.

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