TCB Hands-on Workshop in Boston
Participant Profile

There were twenty participants in the workshop. Each individual applied for a seat, and was selected from a pool of 51 applicants.

The average profile of a participant was a life sciences graduate student pursuing a doctorate at a university in the United States.  About a half of participants were already in possession of a doctorate.  Overall the group was internationally diverse, with varying backgrounds in biology, chemistry, and physics.  A distribution of education is provided in Table 1 and of industry in Table 2.

Current Educational Standing Number
Undergraduate 2
Doctorate 8
Graduate Student 9
Non-Student Academic 1
total 20

Table 1: Breakdown of Participants and their current educational standing.
Location Number
Education 19
Industry 1

Table 2: Distribution of types of participant work locations.

Name Institute Degree Country
Marcela Aliste Georgia Institute of Technology PhD in Chemistry Chile
James Apgar Massachusetts Institute of Technology B.A. in Chemistry from Williams College USA
Gokhan Caliskan Johns Hopkins University Ph.D, B. E. (Chemical Engineering) Turkey
Leyla Celik University of Aarhus B.Sc in Chemistry Denmark
Blake Charlebois University of Toronto B.Sc.(Eng.) Canada
Christopher Glosser Southern Illinois University Ph.D, B.S. USA
John Ip Dell, Inc. B.A.Sc., M.A.Sc., Ph.D. Canada
Basak Isin University of Pittsburgh Masters Turkey
Ekta Khurana University of Pennsylvania Masters in Chemistry, Bachelors in Chemistry India
Seung Lee
Massachusetts Institute of Technology MS in Mechanical Engineering USA
Edward Lyman
University of Pittsburgh
PhD, Physics USA
Shane Nelson
University of Wyoming B.S. Molecular Biology USA
Lina Nilsson
University of Washington B.S. Chemical Engineering USA
Steve Presse
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Bachelor's in Chemistry Canada
John Robinson
University of Alabama at Birmingham MD, PhD USA
Edina Rosta
Eotvos University, Hungary MSc
Gaurav Sharma
Northeastern University MS India
Arvind Sivasubramanian Johns Hopkins University B.S, PhD India
Nuri Temiz
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine BS and MS Chem Eng. Turkey
Marty Ytreberg
University of Maine Ph.D