From: Leonardo Darre (
Date: Wed Apr 15 2015 - 17:10:33 CDT

First, I would like to thank the authors of the tutorial for preparing such
a comprehensive material.

Second, I have a few questions about the alchemical route I would very much
appreciate if you could give me some guidance with.

About the file for the Alchemy:Bound step, a width=0.1 and
forceConstant=10 is proposed but that would be inconsistent with a distance
force constant of 10 Kcal/molA^2, Moreover, considering that in the or files of the Restraints:Bound step the
width is set to 1, I am guessing the 0.1 value in the Alchemy:Bound files
is wrong, is that correct?

Also I wanted to ask why is the extendedLagrangian option activated in the

Thank you very much in advance


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