From: Chris Harrison (
Date: Wed Jul 22 2009 - 16:06:15 CDT

Copy the config file contents (of exactly the config file you used) to the
list so we know what you did.


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On Fri, Jul 17, 2009 at 11:56 AM, Pavel Mironov <>wrote:
> Hello!
> Using VMD I've met some problems. Following your tutorial I have made the
> simulation for ubiqutine 1UBQ.pdb. But when I tried to make the same actions
> with lysozyme molecule 1IEE.pdb (the only changes I made were writing
> correct input files in scripts .pgn and .conf), the only output file I
> obtained after running NAMD is the .log file; there were no .coor, .vel,
> .xsc, .dcd, .coor, .vel, .xsc, .old, .restart.vel.old, .restart.xsc.old
> files. Could you please help me to solve my problem? How can I obtain
> missing files?
> Thank you for an answer!
> Paul.
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