Obtain the most recent Clustermatic
If we don't have a copy, download the Clustermatic ISO and make a cd of it. If we do have it already, we keep it in ~system/Clustermatic
Read Clustermatic's README on the CD.
Do it. There are some gotcha's that you should certainly be aware of
Install RedHat on the head node
Before you start to install, make sure the head node has 2 network cards in it. After, proceed with the kickstart install, per usual.
Install Clustermatic (based on the directions in its README
Make sure to read `~system/Clustermatic/README*'. Those are the version/distribution-specific instructions. This is where the real instructions are.
Reboot to the new kernel
Make sure everything with beowulf comes up properly. And you should be set.
Boot the nodes
You should be able to boot the slave nodes from your preferable medium now