• Solaris: 8.12.10tcb1 (mail server only! The clients use their own sendmail version.)

Build steps


  • m4 (macro parsing)
  • procmail (mail delivery)
  • Berkeley DB (for aliases and access database)
  • nph (delivery of @uiuc.edu addresses)
  • Cyrus-SASL (authentication layer - includes running an extra 'saslauthd' service)

Install openssl certificates

  • Certificates go into /etc/mail/certs, and must be chmodded to 0600.
  • Greg Shapiro has written a short introduction to setting up the appropriate certificates (I set up the certs to last for 10 years, however).
    • newcert.pem -> mailhost.pem
    • newreq.pem -> mailhost.key.pem
    • cacert.pem -> CAcert.pem
  • This has already been done, and probably won't need to be done again for a long time.

TCB encappage

  • Get sendmail-8.12.10tcb1.ep
  • Locally written and customized, based on the CITES Sendmail encap.
  • `site.config.m4'
  • Depends on the existance of specific versions of SASL and nph, but upgrades *probably* won't hurt anything
  • Includes the sasl2 configuration files, in /usr/local/lib/sasl2 (may need a symlink to from /usr/local/lib/sasl to sasl2)
  • `ks-standalone.mc' (for creating our .cf file)

Build and Install

mkencap -vb sendmail-8.12.10tcb1.ep mkencap -vbI sendmail-8.12.10tcb1.ep sudo /etc/init.d/sendmail stop; sudo epkg sendmail ln -s /etc/mail/ks-standalone.cf /etc/mail/sendmail.cf