Kin Lam
I come from a small, crowded but vibrant city: Hong Kong. I became fascinated in science since I was in high school. Attempting to explore how the world works, I studied Physics for my degree. Now I am also interested in appling my training in Physics to study biological system quantitatively, so as to elucidate some of the 'mystories' of life. In particular, I am eager to figure out how our brains work in both system and molecular levels.
In my leisure time, I enjoy watching soccer matches and playing Go.

Home Department: Physics

Office Address: 3109 Beckman Institute, 405 North Mathews Avenue, Urbana, Illinois 61801

Office Phone: (217) 244-3667

Email Address:


Research Interests

  • Neuroscience
    e.g. molecular properties of ion channels, study of neural model and network systems
  • Lipid-Protein Interactions


VMD Plugins Development

  • VMD Clustering Tool
    VMD clustering tool is a GUI plugin for performing clustering analysis of molecular dynamics trajectories using VMD. This is a modified version of a plugin developed by Luis Gracia at Weill Cornell Medical College. I added a few new features to faciliate the use. For installation guide, see my github page.





Voltage-gated ion channels regulating neural signaling.

  • Cy3/Cy5 Fluorophore-Lipid Interactions and Their Effects on Membrane Protein Dynamics
    Biophysical Society Annual Meeting 2018, Feb 2018, S.F., CA (Poster)
  • Computational Modeling of Sodium Channel Inactivation
    Beckman Institute Graduate Student Seminar, May 2016, Urbana, Illinois (Talk)
  • Biophysical Society Annual Meeting 2016, Feb. 2016, L.A., CA (Poster)
  • Molecular Basis of Neuronal Singaling
    2015 Annual Meeting of the International Physics of Living Systems, July 2015, Arlington, VA (Poster)
  • Biophysical Society Annual Meeting 2015, Feb. 2015, Baltimore, MD (Poster) CPLC / Biophysics Student/Postdoc Symposium, Nov. 2014, Urbana, Illinois (Talk)
  • Molecular Basis of the Hodgin-Huxley Equation of Neuronal Signaling
    Membrane Protein Structural Dynamics Consortium Annual Meeting 2014, May 2014, Urbana, Illinois (Talk)