Hands-on tutorials using the GPU-based cell simulations software Lattice Microbes(LM) will all be run on the cloud using Amazon Web Services (AWS)

These topics will be covered:

  • Principles of cellular networks: genetic information processing, metabolism, and cell growth. Minimal Cell as platform for understanding rules of life
  • Building a cell from experimental imaging data: EXP-2-LM Jupyter Python Notebooks
  • Review of techniques to model biochemical kinetics in well-stirred environments
  • Spatially resolved stochastic dynamics of cellular processes using reaction-diffusion master equations (RDME) description
  • Multi-scale and hybrid deterministic-stochastic simulations of cellular processes using Lattice Microbes software
  • Using VMD and EXP-2-LM to visualize bacterial and eukaryotic cells
  • 3D experimental data sets to visualize time-dependent variations in stem cells