TCB Hands-on Workshop in Urbana
Participant Profile

There were twenty-one participants in the workshop. Each individual applied for a seat, and was selected from a pool of 57 applicants.

The average profile of a participant was a life sciences graduate student pursuing a doctorate at a university in the United States.  About a quarter of participants were already in possession of a doctorate, whereas less then ten per cent were working towards an undergraduate degree.  Overall the group was internationally diverse, with varying backgrounds in biology, chemistry, and physics.  A distribution of education is provided in Table 1 and of industry in Table 2.

Current Educational Standing Number
Doctorate 4
Graduate Student 14
Undergraduate Student 2
Non-Student Academic 1
total 21

Table 1: Breakdown of Participants and their current educational standing.
Location Number
Education 18
Government 2
Industry 1

Table 2: Distribution of types of participant work locations.

Vasyl Aleksenko Michigan Technological University MS Ukraine
Bogdan Barz Univesity of Missouri-Columbia MS Romania
Violeta Beleva Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) MS 2005 Bulgaria
Nitin Bhardwaj University of Illinois at Chicago BS India
Michael Bradley Washington University in St. Louis BA USA
Baoqiang Cao University of Cincinnati MS PR China
Yong Jiang Emory University BS USA
Harindar Keer University of California, Irvine MSc Indian
Heike Meiselbach FAU of Erlangen, Inst. for Biochemistry Dipl. Biol. Germany
Murtaza Mogri UC San Diego BS USA
Lacramioara Negureanu Louisiana State University PhD 2005 Romania
Rene Nome The University of Chicago MSc USA
Ole Olsen Novo Nordisk PhD Denmark
Soumya Patnaik Air Force Research Laboratory PhD USA
Laura Rowe University of Kentucky BA USA
Goundla Srinivas University of Pennsylvania PhD  
Seiichiro Tanizaki Michigan State University PhD Japan
Anne Tuukkanen University of Helsinki UG Finland
Ioannis Tziligakis University of Illinois MS Greece
Michael Yonkunas University of Pittsburgh BS USA
Wanhua Zhao Louisiana Tech University BS China